Hi! I'm Peta, the owner of The Bento Buzz,

The Bento Buzz was born years ago as I watched my daughter's love of food start as a 6 month old in 2010 when her father and I introduced her to solids via Baby Led Weaning. Not a single puree in sight, she very quickly learned to safely and efficiently feed herself. Her love of eating and the ability to choose which nutritious whole food she felt like eating from the choices on her plate was noticeable early and a joy, as a parent, to watch.

With this style of food introduction came the need to place in front of her small portions of a few different foods in each meal. Those small portions of foods required a lunch box to fit them when on the go. Then they needed to be packed safely for kindergarten… I needed a bento style lunch box… They needed decoration… and the rest is history!

I would love to help your busy little bees eagerly dig into their beautifully decorated and packed, nutritious and delicious lunch boxes. Everything you need to create them is available here at The Bento Buzz, your one stop shop for all things fun food.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself and my amazing team - who are all bento loving mamas too - at anytime. We're all here to help!
Peta x