What Lunch Boxes My Kiddies Are Using This Year - And Why!

by Peta Booker
The choice is overwhelming, I know. I get it. When I started this business 6 years ago there were very, very few quality bento boxes to choose from. When helping customers I'd determine their child's appetite size and the type of foods they liked to eat (as I still do now) but then offer them one lunch box brand that would suit. And there'd be very few colours to choose from, if any - Go Green used to just be available in Green - and large - that was it!

Now we're spoilt for choice and that's almost harder! But rest assured, The Bento Buzz team has multiple DECADES of lunch packing experience between us, and we have used the bento boxes we sell at one point too (we're lunch box addicts after all) so we can help you choose the perfect bento box for your children's needs.

So that leads me to what I have picked for school this year for my two kids. A bit about them... Miss 11 is starting high school this year. Yep, year 7 for her. We still have the very first bento I ever bought her before I started this business. It was a large Go Green. Too big for her, we down-sized quickly, but it's still in use today!
Miss 11 at 4.5 years old getting her first bento box for Christmas - just a bit too big hehe! I do understand how hard it is to buy bento boxes online!

For Miss 11 I've chosen something a little older, durable and that has a lot of packing flexibility - the NEW Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three Plus in Mint. 

Read all about this fabulous new bento box HERE
Mr 8 is going into year 3 and although his large b.boxes from last year are still perfectly good and we could use again, I'm a lunch box lover so I've grabbed him a new Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three Plus too - but in the grey colour. But really, choosing the same lunch box for him isn't just to ease my addiction needs, it's much easier, and quicker to pack multiples of the same lunch box. I can cut things the same length and size for both - not having to adjust food sizes or shape for different brands of boxes. We'll keep using our b.boxes of course, we LOVE them!

Check out the Grey Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three Plus HERE

For packing sauces and dips, and little treats on special occasions I've grabbed a couple of packs of Little Lunch Box Co Surprise Dip & Treat cups. My kids love sushi and kewpie mayo, I'll be using them for a portion of Japanese mayo for sure. And we needed some new Silicone Divider cups too. I like to portion out cheese in these so those slices don't touch the crackers and make them soft. These are made by Little Lunch Box Co also and they're in fab value bundles, 4 colours to choose from, with a discount HERE

And to prevent sticky lunch fingers, and for times I send yoghurt or custard, we needed some MontiiCo Cutlery Sets. Each set has 4 forks and 4 spoons and in the same gorgeous current season Colour Pop colours to match our other items. You'll find those HERE 
Insulated Bags - I can never go past MontiiCo. This new Medium size is a winner!

MontiiCo have been a staple product for our home since their release! We've gone the Medium size this year as it fits the Little Lunch Box Co Three Plus PERFECTLY and it's nice and compact in their school bags. MontiiCo insulated bags come with an icepack included and in this horrendous, humid Gold Coast heat, even in that peak in February with their bags left outside, there's STILL solid ice inside at the end of the school day! That's unheard of! 

Look at that perfect fit: Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three Plus inside a MontiiCo Medium Insulated Bag

Read about MontiiCo Insulated Bags HERE

Miss 11 chose the Rainbows print and Mr 8 chose the Pixels print - he's a big Minecraft fan!

Check out our whole set up...

Bottles? MontiiCo again for us. 600ml is the perfect size for school, not too small, not too big and heavy when full. The wide neck opening means I can fit whole ice cubes inside and we went matching lids and bumpers. Sport spout for Mr 8 and Free Pour lid for Miss 11 - the mix and match potential in this colourful range of bottle accessories is huge! So fun! MontiiCo bottles, lids and bumpers can be found in our extensive MontiiCo category HERE

And we don't want all our new goodies to go walkabout! Our labels, even that EPIC Minecraft vinyl label for Mr 8, are created for us by TeePee Designs. TeePee Designs create the perfect bento box sized vinyl labels and offer The Bento Buzz customers 15% off labels when they've made an order with us for their bento goodies. Check the flyer we pop into your order box when it arrives for that special code. Want to see their range, the link is HERE

I feel super confident and excited about this lunch box set up for my two for this year. If you have any questions, please comment or shoot us through an email, we'd love to help you select the perfect products for your kids' needs! We could chat lunch boxes all day! If you're local to us on the Gold Coast or love a drive down from Brisbane or up from the Tweed Coast or Byron Bay, please pop into our Gold Coast showroom at Arundel and we can help you in person! We're open Mon-Thurs 10-2 and in January we add Saturdays 9-12 too! 

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