MontiiCo's Newest Divine Collection - Wildflower

by Peta Booker on March 09, 2021
"Shut the front door!" My exact words when I saw what MontiiCo had released. Can you deal because we cannot! So freaking gorgeous!!

MontiiCo Wildflower Tote

Wildflower 🌸 is one insulated bag we know will fly out the door because we've almost sold out on preorder! And there's not just one insulated bag in this collection, there's a beautiful insulated Tote Bag and matching Shopper Set too. Fill your Tote Bag with a Yumbox Tapas bento box, MontiiCo 600ml drink bottle, Sinchies yoghurt pouches filled with a sweet and slushy cocktail treat and Mum's day in the park is made! The PERFECT Mother's Day gifts now aren't they? If we do say so ourselves! 

MontiiCo Wildflower

So tell me, do you neeeeeeeed? You need too, don’t you? 😍

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