It's all about the Snacks! - Let's Talk Snack Boxes

by Peta Booker on January 12, 2022
A separate snack box is something many need for recess, munch n' crunch or for a quick snack on the run!

We've got quite a selection here at The Bento Buzz so here we will show you our top sellers and walk you through the differences. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

First up we have the Yumbox MiniSnack. The first snack box we stocked and it's still a top seller. Completely leakproof for all thick liquids such as yoghurt and dips this little box has a removable tray to make clean up a breeze.
The capacity for the MiniSnack is just over 1 cup.
Yumbox MiniSnack packed
Next we have the Little Lunch Box Co Bento Two. A great little snack box from LLBC that has a removable divider to turn the two sections into three if you need. 
The Bento Two has a capacity of 2 cups.
Little Lunch Box Co Bento Twos packed
The PackIt Mod Snack Bento is ideal for leftovers. Yes it is microwave safe as well as being freezer safe - perfect for meal prepping! It also comes with a movable divider to adjust to whatever you're packing that day.
The PackIt Mod Bento has a capacity of approx 2.9 cups.
PackIt Mod Snack Bento packed
The Snack Box has the fabulous flexi seal is known for - making packing whole pieces of fruit simple! Available in a range of colours that match the mini and large lunch boxes too.
The Snack Box has a capacity of approx. 2 cups. Snack Boxes packed.


All the above are leakproof for thick liquids like yoghurts and dips and make snack packing simple! 

Any questions let us know and you can see the full range of snack boxes available by clicking HERE.



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