b.box & MontiiCo - What a Combo!

by Peta Booker on January 05, 2022

b.box Lunch Boxes and MontiiCo Insulated Bags

When both come in three sizes, it's a perfect match! 

Here we have collated a range of images to show you just how well these top sellers fit together.

The Mini MontiiCo Lunch Bag is the perfect fit for the b.box Snackbox. An ideal combination for those who want to keep Fruit Break snacks cold for school or take along toddler snack foods and hang on the pram.

Mini Montii Bag with bbox Snack Box

While the Medium MontiiCo Lunch Bag is ideal for the Mini b.box Lunch Box OR two b.box Snack Boxes.

Medium MontiiCo bag with two b.box snack boxesMedium Montii Bag with Mini b.box lunch box.

The Large MontiiCo Lunch Bag is the original size that you all know and love, and this gorgeous bag will accommodate the Large b.box Lunch Box, the b.box Mini plus Snack Box, the Large b.box Lunch Box plus Snack Box on it's side OR the Mini b.box Lunch Box plus a MontiiCo Insulated Food Jar. The perfect combo for a warm lunch and snacks too!

MontiiCo large bag with large bboxLarge MontiiCo bag with mini bbox and snackbox

Don't forget the whole range of MontiiCo lunch bags come with an ice pack included, and are machine washable. The b.box range all have a flexi seal section to accommodate whole pieces of fruit, have some leakproof compartments for packing wet foods like yoghurt and dip AND have a removable silicone seal for easy cleaning.

Leave a comment and share what b.box and MontiiCo combination works best for your kids. Sharing your experience will help other parents so much when choosing the perfect bento boxes for their needs.



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