T-Duck - Floating Tea Infuser

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If you do not already know, you may be surprised that feeding Duck's bread is actually bad for them. No harm done here, this cute duck only wants one thing, your tea leaves! Before you get started with your Floating Duck, we advise you name him or her.
Fill your Duck up with tea leaves, then gently place him in your mug of hot water, and don't worry, he floats! After a couple minutes, take your Floating Duck from his warm bath, and set him in his blue drip basket. There you have it, a perfect brew of tea!
Loose leaf tea infuser in the shape of a duck.
Includes: Duck, stainless steel mesh basket, drip cup
Love your ducky: hand wash only, do not microwave
Dimensions: 2" x 3.25" when fully assembled
BPA and phthalate-free, and packed in a colourful gift box.