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OmieBox by OmieLife is here! OmieBox is an insulated, leakproof bento box that stores hot and cold food in one box. It has 2 temperature zones so hot food stays hot, while veggies and fruits stay cool!

OmieBox uses two types of insulation so lunch is always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep lunch fresh and yummy.

Every bowl inside OmieBox is made of 2 layers of food grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated to deliver the most powerful insulation and unlike most food jars that are deep and narrow, Omiebox vacuum insulated bowl is wide and shallow, so kids can easily scoop food out.

The thermal bowl has a wide, easy to open and close handle on the lid. OmieBox features a convenient carry handle so you can pack the food, snacks and some utensils and you’re ready to go! No bag necessary. Don't feel like hot food one day? No worries! The insulated jar is easily removable so you can pack fresh food like sandwiches, sushi and salad. Kids forget things at school all the time. Which is why OmieBox made sure to design a special place for your name labels so you always know which OmieBox is yours.

OmieBox is BPA-free, phthalate free and complies with all FDA and CPSIA requirements. 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Weight with insulated thermal jar: 770g
Weight without insulated thermal jar: 540g

Capacity (approx):
Large Square Section without thermal jar: 740mls
Short Compartment: 295mls
Long Compartment: 444mls
Thermal Jar: 222mls

Listing is for 1 x OmieBox in Purple Plum 

OmieBox Use and Care:
To use the Vacuum Insulated Container with OmieBox:
  • To begin, tighten the securing insert around the vacuum insulated container by turning it in a clockwise direction.
  • For best results, fill the vacuum insulated container with hot or cold water before use. Let stand with the lid off for 5-10 minutes and then empty. We recommend you do this step before putting the vacuum insulated container and its securing insert inside OmieBox, as it will be easier to pour out the hot/cold water. Use extreme caution when using hot water.
  • Make sure the rounded corner of the securing insert is aligned with the large rounded corner of the OmieBox
  • Push the assembly all the way down so the bottom of the vacuum insulated container touches the bottom of the OmieBox.
  • Do not fill above the inner ridge of the vacuum insulated container; overfilling can cause leakage.
  • To seal, place the vacuum insulated container lid on top of the vacuum insulated container / securing insert assembly. Turn the lid in a clockwise direction to tighten. Do not over tighten.
  • Make sure the vacuum insulated container lid is securely tightened and the opening lever folded down before closing the OmieBox lid.
  • To take off the vacuum insulated container lid, flip up the opening lever and twist in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • The divider can be used in both the long and short compartments. When placing the divider inside OmieBox, make sure the straight edge of the divider is aligned with the straight edge of the compartment. The divider should only be used to partition foods. Sub-compartments created by the divider are not leak-proof.
  • Do not overfill OmieBox. Leave enough room to close lid.
  • After closing lid, push down on the latch so that it locks securely into place.
  • Clean OmieBox before first use and after every use with gentle cleaners. Top rack dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended due to unreliable heat settings on dishwashers.
  • For retaining maximum vacuum insulation results, we recommend hand washing the vacuum insulated container.
  • Not microwave, stove top, oven or freezer safe


How does OmieBox insulate hot/cold food?

OmieBox is made of two layers of plastic with an air pocket in between so it keeps food in the side compartments cool and fresh.

Is OmieBox BPA‐Free?

Absolutely! OmieBox is BPA‐free, Phthalates‐free. It is also CPSIA and FDA compliant.

What is OmieBox made of?

OmieBox is made of ABS, PP, silicon, and 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Is OmieBox microwavable?

No. OmieBox is not microwavable.

How much does OmieBox weigh?

OmieBox weighs 1.9 lbs with the vacuum insulated container, and 1.2 lbs without.

How much food does the Vacuum Insulated Container hold?

7.5 ozs

Is OmieBox leak‐proof?

Yes. OmieBox is leak‐proof on the outside and also in between compartments.

Is the square compartment leak‐proof?

No. The square compartment is only leak‐proof when you use the insulated bowl and lid. The square compartment is only intended for sandwiches and other dry foods.

Can I pack liquids in the long and short compartments?

No. OmieBox can hold wet foods but not liquids. Do not pack soups, drinks, or watery sauces in the side compartments. Please remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, apple sauce, and yogurts before placing them in the side compartments.

Where can I pack liquids?

You should pack liquids in the vacuum insulated bowl.

How do I clean the sealing gasket?

Remove the sealing gasket and clean with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Are extra compartments created by the divider leak‐proof?

No. The divider is only meant to partition food, not create additional leak‐proof compartments.

Is OmieBox’s lid removable?

No. It’s affixed to the bottom tray with 2 pins, so attempting to remove the lid will result in breakage.

Does OmieBox come with utensils?

Not at the moment, but we hope to have accessories soon!

What about a utensil holder?

Coming soon! 

Is OmieBox dishwasher safe?

Yes, OmieBox is top rack dishwasher safe but we recommend removing it before the heat dry cycle.

Can I get replacement parts?

Absolutely! You can find replacement parts on our Buy page.

Where is OmieBox manufactured?

OmieBox is manufactured in China.

What kind of water bottles fits in OmieBox?

The long compartment measures 6.8" (long) x 2.1" (wide) x 2.2" (deep) so we recommend a soft collapsible water bottle like the Water2Go bottles (available on Amazon).

What kind of insulated soft bag fits OmieBox?

OmieBox measures 7.2" x 7.2" x 3.0" and fits most soft lunch bags.

Please note: ‘Leakproof’ bento lunch boxes are leakproof for wet foods like thick yoghurts and dips only. Runny and watery liquids should be packed separately in a reusable pouch.

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