Kambukka Etna Tumbler Blackberry 500ml
Kambukka Etna Tumbler 500ml - Blackberry

    Kambukka Etna Tumbler 500ml - Blackberry


      The Etna thermal bottle serves you a hot coffee when you struggle to stay awake at work, or an ice-cold drink after a tough workout. When you’re on your way from one activity to the next, it will not only keep your drink hot for 9 hours and cold for 18 hours, but also prevent it from leaking.

      Wherever you are, you can always rely on the drinking position you need thanks to the handy 3 in 1 lid: push to take a sip, open to drink like you’re holding a cup and lock to head to the next adventure. Want to clean your bottle after a busy day? Relax, the bottle has a dishwasher-safe lid and Snapclean® technology! Just pinch and pull to remove the inner mechanism.

      • H.: 21.9 cm
      • H without lid: 18.2 cm
      • Ø widest point: 7.1 cm
      • Leakproof
      • BPA free
      • Vacuum insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel

      Check out the Kambukka Etna bottle in action here: