Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle
Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle
Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle
Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle
Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle
Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle

    Ultimate Floral Lunch Bundle

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      Looking for a classically beautiful lunch bundle with matching recess and lunch box? This convenient bundle buy is for you!


      1. Yumbox Stardust Pink Original
      2. Yumbox Stardust Pink MiniSnack
      3. Montii Co Insulated Bag Floral
      4. MontiiCo Original Insulated Bottle Burgundy
      5. Butterfly or Dragonfly food pick to make lunches fun


      Yumbox Original Stardust Pink:

      Australia's favourite bento box is the Yumbox leakproof bento box! 

      Yumbox makes it possible for anyone to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes! It’s perfect for a packed school lunch, toddler meals, snacks and small adult meals. 

      Each Yumbox includes an exterior box and 6 compartment tray insert. 

      Yumbox is leakproof! Pack wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water). 

      Seals with one lid and one kid-friendly latch. 

      Removable illustrated tray holds three and a half cups.

      Recommended for Young Kids (toddler – age 8) All food-safe materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Sturdy ABS (outer box), Tritan (tray) and Silicone (seal).

      Dishwasher-safe up to 65C, top rack only, hand washing the case is highly recommended due to dishwasher temperatures being a guide only.

      Measures approx. 21 x 15 x 5 cm

      Reusable lunch box – Great for all of your meals-on-the go!

      Yumbox MiniSnack Stardust Pink:

      Australia's favourite leakproof lunch box is now in snack size! 

      Make snack time and snacks on-the-go easier and more fun with new Yumbox MiniSnack!

      3-compartment food tray (illustrated) Includes exterior box and tray insert with adorable illustrations – find the kitty cat! 

      Volume: large food well is 3/4 cup, small food well is 1/3 cups plus dip well. 

      Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm. 

      Pack wet foods like yogurt and dips (not water). Perfect for anyone that packs snacks. 

      Dishwasher-safe up to 65C, top rack only, hand washing the case is highly recommended due to dishwasher temperatures being a guide only.

      Montii Co Insulated Bag - Floral:

      Feast your eyes on these cool bags! Made for all those with a craving for lunch time adventures. Take them far and wide, MontiiCo have made sure they can handle the Aussie heat! Plus, there’s no need to worry about lastability, they’ve got it covered with the raddest premium materials that have been fully tested for durability.

      Meet Floral
      When did you last feel this blooming happy about lunchtime? As pretty as a picture, you’ll love her a whole bunch! 

      It’s made to last and way more fun than regular ol’ lunch bags.

      Here’s why Montii Cool Bags are so rad:

        • Durable fabrics (they passed the rough + tumble test with flying colours)
        • Quality aluminum lining. No plastic comes into contact with your lunch.. 
        • Thick insulation to keep contents cooler + fresher for longer.
        • Easy to wipe clean, for a mess-less life. 
        • Self-contained gel ice pack, independently certified “food safe”.
        • Separate pocket for the ice pack. No condensation = No soggy food. 
        • Large, flexible design for more room to pack lunch.
        • On trend custom prints.
        • Made to last. 

      The ice pack should be frozen WITHOUT the ice pack cover. It's best to air the ice pack cover overnight to allow it to thoroughly dry before using it the next day.

      MontiiCo insulated bags are machine washable! Wash on it's own, in cold water, on a gentle cycle - and use your regular detergent. Do not bleach, soak or iron. Lunch bags should be air dried standing upright overnight. (See image below)
      Please ensure your bag is 100% dry before storing!

      Bag measurements (inside) 23.5cm x 28cm x 7.5cm

      MontiiCo Original Bottle - Burgundy:

      Meet Mr Montii, he’s for stylish + adventurous types who like to hang in cool company. Feed his mouth chunky ice cubes and his double wall insulation will keep them frosty all day. His eco-friendly bamboo lid with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity!

      Meet Burgundy Montii.
      His deep ruby blush will cool that summer flush. Don’t choose between looks and love, he’s got both!

      Here’s why Mr Montii’s so rad:

        • 600ml capacity 
        • 24 hours of cooling (at least).
        • Wide mouth opening (4.7cm) – making it easy to add ice cubes for uber cold drinks!
        • Insulated double wall stainless steel – he’s a tough one. 
        • Stylish bamboo lid. Screw to open.
        • Handle included – so you can take Montii anywhere!
        • Bright, fun colours in a scratch and dent resistant finish.
        • NO plastic comes into contact with our bottles (silicone seal only).
        • Easy to keep clean. Montii won’t hang onto flavours.
        • Bottle dimensions: 25cm x 7cm
        • Gift box dimensions: 28cm x 8cm x 8cm

        A lifetime in your hand and nothing into landfill.

        NOTE: Montii sports lid is not intended for children 3 and under. Not intended for chewing or teething. Always use this product with adult supervision. Always ensure the silicone valves are properly installed. Adult assembly required. Do NOT use with hot liquids.

        Bonus: 1 x Butterfly or Dragonfly food pick to make lunch fun!

        Please note: ‘Leakproof’ bento lunch boxes are leakproof for wet foods like thick yoghurts and dips only. Runny and watery liquids should be packed separately in a reusable pouch.


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